GF3D Prototypes is a company that is born from two basic requirements. It was too long to get rapid prototyping and too costly. That is exactly how we position ourselves in the market. Extremely fast service and very affordable prices.

Delivering within 24 to 48 hours is a standard in most of our orders. No need to wait after a submission either, with our instant submission system, you have your price right now. We know your time is precious.

In the 21st century, the industrial world is experiencing a revolution without precedent. Now, the time to create a product have never been so short and the means to do it, never as accessible. 3D printing plastics and metals greatly facilitates the process. It is now possible to think, design and fabricate in the same day.

At GF3D Prototypes, prototyping and product design is our expertise.
We accumulate many years in the automotive industry and specifically in mechatronics design. Projects and deadlines are part of our daily life.

From idea to mass production, 3D design and prototyping, we do the complete cycle to ensure that you get your product according to your needs. We help you create a better product than your competitors and, especially, release it faster on the market. Our manufacturing lead times defy all industry standards.

Our obsession with being at the forefront of the latest technologies allows us to find you the best method to manufacture the product of tomorrow. Our mission is innovation. Do you need a helping hand on some projects? No problem, we offer a staff rental service that operates on site or remotely. We are here to help you with your projects.